Centro Targa was founded in 1985 with the purpose of supply engraved plates and synoptical panels.

Competence and quality of our works allowed us to grow rapidly and become well respected by all manufacturers of rotogravure and flexographic presses, as well as of other mechanical industrial companies. Over the years we have increased the range of services offered in the advertising field with improved skill in the production of signs, posters, silk-screen printing and custom designed displays.

We also supplied important works in the visual impact communication area with leading industries, collaborating in remarkable advertising projects.

Our experience and know-how, which is made available to whoever is seeking to promote their products, has now become a "trade-mark".

Effective 2000 Centro Targa introduced its PLASTIC MANUFACTURING Division equipped with high-tech computerized machines capable of producing custom made plastic parts for the mechanical industries. The skill of our engineers operating in the area of rotogravure and flexographic printing presses, resulting from long lasting cooperation with world leading manufacturers, allow us to promptly react to all requests for consulting and realizing high quality spare parts for doctor-blade groups, printing and coating units, with full observance of manufacturer's tolerances.


What we can do

Since its setup in business, Centro Targa mainly focused on graphic works. Afterwards, the range of services widened to include:

The range of materials is the most complete on the market thanks to a careful selection of suppliers.
All used components are the result of a constant evolution and research, ensuring full safety together with high production levels.


Strength points

Thanks to our distinctive production capacity guaranteed by the use of the most advanced technology combined with the long lasting experience of our engineers, we are in the position to meet all kinds of requirements and process all sizes of orders.

Customized productions allow us to satisfy any kind of need and to fit sizes and models according to Customer's specifications.

Our mission it's to offer our Customers high quality products enriched by innovative design and combined with efficient service and short delivery time.